Pflanzenschutz (Foto Rainer Sturm/

Untersuchung der Wirkung von Pflanzenschutzmitteln auf die Bodenfauna

Within ecotoxicological field studies I investigate the response of the soil mesofauna to the application of pesticides. I identify Collembola and Oribatidas on species level. Focusing on other soil mesofauna groups I additionally count the densities of Gamasina, Uropodina, Astigmata and Prostigmata from soil samples.

Moreover, I am able to support the writing of ecotoxicological reports, e.g.

Gattung Pergamasus sp., Gamasina (Foto Janet Wissuwa)Folsomia quadrioculata, Collembola (Foto Jörn Alphei/Jörg Salamon)